The department of Neurology at Daukiya Hospital is rapidly developing department equipped with new advancement in the neuroscience field. In the past 10 years there have been tremendous changes in the fields of neuroscience and genetics.  At the Daukiya Hospital, we provide the comprehensive neurological care with technical advancement.  

The scope of this department includes investigation and treatment of diseases involving central and peripheral nervous system. Neuro-rehabilitation department is under the reformation to give the holistic care to the patients suffering from neurological illness. Aim of the neuro-rehabilitation is to minimize the disability of the patients, so that they can live productive life in the society. 

Neurophysiologic investigations like EEG, electromyography, nerve conduction studies and evoked potentials are available at this centre with more accurate reports and reasonable rate.

Treatments of movement disorders like Parkinsonism are done predominantly by using special drugs and this is very effective in most cases. But many patients do also develop side-effects caused by usage of the drugs especially after 5-6 years of treatment. Such patients are surgical candidates.

Clinical Services

• Offers outpatient (6 days a week), inpatient and 24 hours emergency services.
• Inpatient has adult and pediatric ward, special ward and intensive care unit (ICU).
• Works closely with Radiology and Neurosurgery and all other departments in addressing various diagnostic and therapeutic problems.
• Intensive care unit with all modern facilities.


The modalities of electrophysiological investigations:

• Nerve conduction study of all four limbs
• Brachial plexus study
• Carpal tunnel study
• H-reflex study
• Deramatomal SEP
• Facial nerve study
• Blink reflex study
• Sympathetic skin response
• Repetitive nerve stimulation
• Electromyography
• Evoked potentials including VEP, BAEP, SSEP
• Electroencephalogram (EEG)
• Video EEG


Stroke care

The Department of neurology at Daukiya Hospital has been started comprehensive stroke care. The department provides care exclusively for stroke patients starting from the hyper acute phase to the rehabilitative and follow-up phase. It will start continuous care program for life after stroke, including vascular risk reduction clinic and integrated stroke rehabilitation coming soon.

Pre-hospital Care

The Daukiya Hospital will start the help line number and ambulance service coming soon for pre-hospital care of the patients with acute strok

Emergency Department Care

Acute stroke imaging and round the clock stroke neurology service.

Stroke Unit Care

Stroke unit involves a dedicated ICU and a stroke in-patient ward with a team of dedicated doctors and multidisciplinary experts including stroke neurologists, neurosurgeons, neurophysiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, clinical psychologists, medical social workers and physician assistants. Neurovascular interventions will be start in the near future for acute stroke.


Integrated Stroke Rehabilitation Program

Recently, Daukiya Hospital has been developed neuro-rehabilitation department. This department offers the services for stroke patients to improve the quality of life. There is a full neuro-assessment, plus rehabilitation planning setting realistic goals for further rehabilitation.

Facilities for stroke care

• 24 x7 Stroke Thrombolysis  Service
• 24X7 Emergency Stroke Ambulance Service
• Hyper acute Stroke ICU staffed with modern monitoring facilities and trained specialist staff
• Stroke Follow up Clinic
• Outpatient Stroke Rehabilitation